Fun Facts
Alex collects music boxes.

MER Discography
MER 05: My Favorite Hard Time vol 2 2007

MER 14: Blackout Beach 2008


Alex Drosen

Alex always makes these really awesome synth dreamscapes that immediately draw you into the world that they create. Blackout Beach dives further into noise than his last one, creating more experimental textures within his compositions. There isn’t much that I would call straight up noise on here, but of the 16 tracks there are a bunch that seem like they belong on a noise album.

All of the tracks are short but they’re packed full of ideas. Electronic gurgles, Slither-like clarinet squawks, swelling synths, junk percussion, and music boxes combine into patterns that get stuck in my head. The length of the tracks keeps them fresh, like Alex is hoping you’ll forget about them. They almost always end too fast, but the next time you listen to them you realize that they’ve been growing unconsciously in your head and you are right back to the place they took you to in the first time around. Its like rediscovering something great every time you put the album on.

Long story short: If you like experimental composition that is full of ideas, you should check this out.