Fun Facts
Matt is allergic to cats.

MER Discography
MER 21: Vol. 2 2009

MER 28: I Love Cats! 2010

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I Love Cats!

Iíve seen Matt play a ton of stuff, and everything was solid gold. The dude is full of great ideas. His latest project is I LOVE CATS! a noisy garage rock band ala the Coachwhips. He even has one of those awesome microphones that distorts like crazy. Every time I see him play he has a new drummer because Jon always ends up needing to work. This means that the day before the show Matt has to show a drummer what to play and then the next day we (the audience) is in for a complete surprise when Matt busts out an entirely new set of songs that are all completely awesome. Somehow he can take everything that is great about the Marquette music scene, all the passion and nonchalant-ness, and join it with garage rock riffs that were bestowed upon him from the gods to create a whole new ball game. In other words, get ready to rock.