Fun Facts
They were originally going to be called "Puddem in Pstrait Jakkets" but there was already a band called that, so they changed it to "Puddem in Pstrait Jakkets Jr." but there was already a band named that so then Dylan legally changed his name so they could be called Mr. Martin And The Sensitive Guys.

MER Discography
MER 39: Couch Potato 2016


Mr. Martin And The Sensitive Guys

These guys were the best band in Point, but then Dylan moved to Madison and now it's just rough, ya know? You want to say they're the best, but only 2/3 of the band lives in Stevens Point, which is technically a majority, but does it really count? I guess it doesn't matter too much, because they are still awesome. Their transition from a two piece to a three piece really kicked the band into high gear. It has been very cool seeing the songs come together and to see how they have evolved over time. If I was you I would definitely be trying to get them to play in my town. Just watch the video and then ask any questions you have in the YouTube comments, ok?