Fun Facts
Most of the Wild Animalz lyrics are either based on true stories or science fiction.

MER Discography
MER 10: Love it or Leave it 2008

MER 23: Science 2007

MER 32: Terminal Illness 2012

MER 36: Mirror, Mirror 2014


Wild Animalz

Wild Animalz formed after Dylan and Tyler moved to Ohio. Faced with how much Ohio sucks, they turned to the power of grindcore to save them from their sad fates. Pairing spasmodic danceable beats, a guitar distorted beyond the realm of discernible notes, and songs about Ohio and science fiction, they forged a sound that rumbled its way into the hearts of millions.

Love it or Leave it is their first full length. It was going to be a 7" but they decided to put it on tape instead. Its a split with Peddling Records, and the b side has a great surprise on it!